About Us

Rêve Produkt is a UK based company founded by a dynamic team of textile experts with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing garments.

Twinned with our manufacturing units in Pakistan, Rêve Stitching, Rêve Apparel and Rêve Denem also act as a liaison with the customer in every step from development, production, quality control through to delivery.

In the ever evolving world of fashion we supply a vast range of garments that respond to the changing trends within the industry.

We translate conceptual ideas into reality. Developing them with our professional approach and technical skills into finished products. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is essential in the development and growth of our business.

Our mission is, with a blend of the latest technology, innovative approach and experience to be the leaders in creating, developing and supplying, manufactured denim, woven and knitted products.

We pride ourselves in being open, honest, transparent and most importantly ethical.

Product development

Our Research & Development team are constantly exploring new materials and products which enables Rêve Produkt to be at the forefront of development within the market.

Our trained designers are able to take customer ideas to the drawing board and create a finished product to bring their vision to life.

Speed is an important criterion within Research & Development and we take pride in our ability to provide our customers with new innovative products in a short space of time without comprising on quality.

A full range of denim, woven and knitted garments are produced in all types of styles, from the classic to the highly fashioned, which we have successfully been supplying to the UK, European and US markets.

Denim & Woven Products

Jeans | Printed Jeans | Laser Jeans | Dungarees | Shorts | Jackets | Skirts | Chinos | Capris | Cargo pants | Lined jackets |

Denim and Woven fabric qualities

Fine quality 100% cotton denims (including cotton elastane denims), weights from 4oz to 14oz in constructions from the regular denim through to the fine slub denims with special finishes, open ended weave, cross hatch denims, coated denims and so much more. As you would have guessed not only can we offer Poly /Cotton mixtures from the basic to the more complexed and also some specially weaved yarn denim fabrics such as tencil yarn, poly spun yarn, viscos yarn and so many more.

Denim and Woven washes

Vintage look washes | Distressed look washes |
Raw with soft hand feel | Raw with soft hand feel with 3D wrinkle |
Rinse Wash | Desize wash | Enzyme wash | Enzyme Stone wash |
Enzyme Bleach wash | Enzyme Optic Bleach wash |Tint wash |
Garment Overdye | Resin washes with a variety of effects | Patch work washes |

Knitted Products

Tee’s | Tanks | Scoop neck | Boat neck | Henley | Polo | Rugby | Sweatshirt | Pullover hoody | Zip thru hoody | Jackets | Joggers | Shorts | Capri |

Knitted fabrics qualities

Premium quality 100% cotton twist jersey (including cotton elastane jersey) through to the budget Poly /Cotton jersey. We are able to offer similar qualities within interlock, French terry, pique (including cotton elastane pique), jersey pique, popcorn, mini grid, ottoman, thermal, pique fleece, brushed fleece, quilted fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics, novelty fabrics and so many more.

Knitted garment washes

Vintage washes | Distressed washes | Dip tumble | White seam |
Acid wash | Enzyme wash | Stone wash | Burnout wash |
Garment dye | Tie dye | Dip dye | Dirty wash | Raisin finish |
Scotch guard | Stain resist | Anti creasing /wrinkle free |


Company Values
  • Understand customer requests and expectations.
  •  Striving to exceed customer expectations in price, quality and delivery.
  • Give a high quality product and service.
  • Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Value and respect our colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • Value individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.
  • Research & Development to be at the forefront of sampling.
  • Having access to our manufacturing for the best product.
  • Submissions dispatched and communication maintained with buyer for developments, fabrics, strike off’s, samples, etc.
  • Quality assessment is done from fabric stage and through production with a final inspection.
  • Carrying out social compliance audits at our factories on a regular basis.
Sustainability Service
  • Communication: This is a high priority and our strength whether that be our customer or supplier.
  • Cost Price: We are able to compare and provide the best price possible to our customer.
  • Delivery: With a success rate of 95% on time deliveries, our customers feel confident.


Equipped with a CAD /CAM system from Gerber, we ensure maximum cutting efficiency. Coupled with a Gerber fabric spreader which enables us to control fabric consumption. Working in close co-ordination with product development, this plays a crucial role in ensuring product integrity


Top of the line, automated sewing machines are divided into production lines, enabling us to be efficient and versatile. Incorporating the latest in sewing technology, we have invested in our setup with a vision to reduce the number of operations required, as well as manual handling. This has led to the installation of switchtrack and other specialist machinery.


We have a technically advanced printing department to cope with a vast range of fabrics. Using screen printing, digital screen printing, digital printing, heat transferring and flocking, we are able to artistically produce many ranges of exciting and marketable garments.


We have an extensive range of embroidery machines giving us the capability to produce many designs from the simplest to the more complex, which enable us to cope with a quick turnaround on both small and large orders.


Understanding that washing is now one of the most important processes in garment production, that the wash process is critical to give the garment its final look which is imperative in adding value to the garment. We have incorporated the latest washing technology with our dry process, which includes scraping spraying, abrasion, fraying, soft feel 3D wrinkle, garment overdye and so many more which enables us to give the garment the appropriate finish.


Each stage of our production process is overseen by a team of experienced quality personnel who not only ensure that quality standards are met, but build quality into the product. Expatriates with extensive experience working for brands have been recruited for this purpose. Working at an AQL level of 2.5, we ensure that only quality garments are produced.


Each product within our production process is sent for testing. This testing is done as required by each customer and is carried out by globally accredited laboratories such as Intertek, SGS and Bureau Veritas.


Our operational premises within Pakistan have been designed to supply in excess of 150,000 units per month. In addition, they are all WRAP, BSCI, SEDEX, REACH, UKAS, FAIR TRADE and ISO certified, and are fully compliant for ethical and social audits.


Rêve Produkt, Rêve Stitching, Rêve Apparel and Rêve Denem are proud to operate a comprehensive ethical trading and manufacturing policy.


Great style shouldn’t come at the cost of the welfare of others. The materials and treatment processes used are one part of our commitment to responsible sourcing, reflecting our company values and reinforcing our code of conduct.

Wherever we do business, we are committed to doing our best to deliver a high standard of ethical conduct. It is not simply enough to comply with legal requirements, as we constantly look for new ways to improve our relationships with our suppliers.


Rêve Produkt, Rêve Stitching, Rêve Apparel and Rêve Denem monitor production and suppliers through independent ethical audits to help them adhere to this strict code of conduct. To give the best possible support to our suppliers, we work with them constantly to help develop improvement plans that will provide long-term benefits to both parties.

We believe that collaboration is an essential part of delivering long-term improvements, so we’ve continued to extend our networks by working collaboratively to improve ethical and sustainable trade across all factories.


Our teams are constantly working to implement new initiatives that will help improve the lives of employees both inside and outside of the factories.

We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. That a workplace should be a safe and fair environment. These principles should be respected throughout and we work with suppliers who also share these values.

We prohibit any discrimination, harassment or abuse including any forced, bonded, involuntary prisoned and child labour from anyone we conduct business with.

Wages and benefits paid for a standard working week, meet a minimum wage, national legal standards or industry benchmark standards, whichever is higher.

Regular employment and working hours, excluding overtime, shall be defined by contract, and shall not exceed 48 hours per week and all overtime shall be voluntary. Employing a measure of free association and collective bargaining.

2.5% of all proceeds go to help local charities, schools, medical centers and many other ways used to help the local community.


A clean, safe and healthy working environment shall be provided, bearing in mind the prevailing knowledge of the industry and of any specific hazards. Adequate steps shall be taken to prevent accidents and injury to health occurring in the course of work, by minimizing the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment. Workers receive regular and recorded health and safety training.

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